Creative fields: Experience Design, Editorial Design, Web Design
PACKaBAG is a solution to promote well-being in the packing process. This project has a physical interactive book as the core and a website prototype to make the concept versatile and sustainable in the long run. 
It was a team project with Evie Deroles. I was specially responsible for the overall concept and the website.
PACKaBAG is a game in the form of an interactive book and website that educates children to be more aware of the relationship between their possessions and the circumstance. By actively cultivating a proper value in their mind in the early stage, we believe children will make a wiser decision when it comes to packing, as well as easing the parents’ and teachers’ stress before trips.
Process Documentation
Proving assumptions
How would user pack a 30kg suitcase
Further prototyping
Further prototyping
Gathering feedback
Synthesising the brief
Brief presentation
User Testing
Product making
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